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Dangers of Mail-Order Braces

Over the past few years, many companies focusing on orthodontic procedures through mail-in products have been growing in popularity. These services are generally cheaper than what you’d find at a typical orthodontist, and for good reason. Not only are the products not nearly as advanced as traditional procedures, but they lack a key part of […]

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Can I Use My HSA or FSA For My Braces?

For many individuals, braces are an essential treatment. Not only do they straighten teeth and prevent serious dental problems, but they can also transform your smile and give you added confidence. …..

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sleep problems

Improving Sleep Problems with Orthodontics

Sleep is the one function humans can’t go without to stay healthy. Most people are concerned about the total hours of shut-eye they get each night, but may not realize that sleep quality is just as important as sleep length. ……

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