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October Is National Orthodontics Month

October Is National Orthodontics Month!

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Adult Wearing Braces

Why the Number of Adults Seeing an Orthodontist Is at an All-Time High

Parents no longer take the back seat while their kids reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment. With one-in-three orthodontic patients over the age of 18, the number of adults seeing an orthodontist is at an all-time high. Experts believe this upward trend is likely here to stay – why?   It works. Orthodontic treatment is just […]

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Why Do Straight Teeth Matter?

Straight teeth provide more than a great smile. Teeth are like gears on a wheel. They are made to fit together in a certain way to do a certain job. If they don’t fit together, they can’t do their job, and this may lead to a variety of oral health problems. For starters, straight teeth […]

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