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After Invisalign: How Your Life Will Change After Treatment

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Imagine you just completed your Invisalign® treatment. You’re removing your last set of Invisalign clear aligners and are ready to show off your perfectly straight and healthy smile.
You look in the mirror and see sparkly white teeth. You feel like a superstar! (Is that Brad Pitt looking back at you in the mirror?) You undoubtedly feel like a new person, and you can’t wait to share your new smile with the world!
Now what?
Now, you revel in the beautiful results that you, your Invisalign aligners and our orthodontists created!
Here’s how you can expect your life to change after Invisalign treatment:

Improved Appearance after Invisalign

Once your Invisalign orthodontic treatment is complete, you won’t be able to hide your smile! It may seem obvious that your Invisalign treatment will improve the appearance of your teeth—this is absolutely true—but the effect Invisalign has on your appearance runs much deeper! Orthodontic treatments shift the jaw bones into alignment, creating a more balanced facial appearance. This is called “dentofacial orthopedics”, the branch of medicine focused on the structure of the teeth as associated with the appearance of the face. Many people who have poor bite conditions prior to their Invisalign treatment notice an apparent difference in their facial structure once their treatment is complete!

Improved Functionality after Invisalign

As Invisalign works to realign the teeth and jaw into a proper, straight alignment, functions like eating, chewing and breathing become easier! Sometimes we have obstructions in our airways, hindering us from easeful breathing. In mild cases, these airway obstructions may not be obvious until the airways are opened through orthodontic treatment. When the airways are obstructed, people often begin ‘mouth-breathing’, which is commonly treated with orthodontic treatments that expand the mouth. Once you’re breathing easily through your nose again, you’ll realize how much air you’ve been missing out on!
Chewing and eating food might have been uncomfortable or painful for you before your treatment. If your teeth jaw bones aren’t aligned, this causes your teeth to be unaligned, which means your top and bottom teeth aren’t meeting each other evenly when you chew or bite. Once the teeth are realigned and the bite is in a healthy position, you’ll be able to chew and eat food (painlessly) to your heart’s content!

New Retainers after Invisalign

The days of Invisalign aligners may be over, but it’s imperative that you wear your new retainers diligently to keep your teeth from shifting out of place. Your removable retainer(s) will be worn for an extended period of time following your treatment. Immediately after your treatment, you will wear your retainer(s) for 24hours; day and night. Once our orthodontists give you the “okay”, you are free to wear your removable retainer after dinner and overnight!
Life can be unpredictable, and retainers do get lost sometimes. Beware mistakenly wrapping your retainers in a napkin and throwing them in the trash can! Also, Dogs LOVE human saliva and will stop at nothing to seek out your retainer and dine on it with their canines!
Through our Retainer Replacement Plan, you can receive an extra four pack of retainers incase something happens to the one that’s included with our Signature Treatment Plan!
Your life will change for the better after your Invisalign treatment! You’ll finally be able to reap the rewards of your disciplined Invisalign-wearing.
At your FREE orthodontic exam, we will tell you everything you need to know about life with braces, life with Invisalign and life after orthodontic treatment!
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