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Braces: The Ultimate Christmas Gift


Not sure what to gift the child or teen who seems to have it all? What about the gift of perfectly aligned teeth for life! If your child is in need of alignment, now is the ideal time to see an orthodontist. The holiday season is the perfect time to surprise a loved one with a scheduled consultation.pic2

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Poorly aligned teeth can have a lot of adverse effects on a person. Braces do so much more than merely straighten your teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Orthodontic treatment can also improve your oral health leaving you with healthier teeth for years to come.

Cleaner Teeth

When you have crooked or crowded teeth that overlap, getting a thorough clean of your mouth with brushing and flossing can be really difficult. Hearing from a dental hygienist that your teeth are susceptible to plaque buildup is always a warning. Plaque is just as severe as cavities because it can damage both your teeth and your gum tissue leading to periodontal disease. Braces could be the perfect solution to avoiding future dental procedures.

Better Checkups

Expensive dental treatments like fillings and root canals can quickly put a damper on your pocketbook. What if you could avoid these painful procedures by investing in straighter teeth? With a straighter alignment, cleaning will be easier, meaning less tooth decay and damage. Imagine the joy of less stressful dentist appointments without having to worry about cavities.

Correcting Speech Issues

Malocclusion, which simply means a misaligned jaw, can affect your bite and cause jaw pain. This can also cause discomfort while eating or even when speaking. The positioning of your teeth can sometimes have a surprising effect on the way you talk. If you suffer from specific types of speech impediments, braces could be the answer. Both under-bites and overbites can make it difficult to chew and speak clearly.

A Boost In Self-Confidence

The pre-adolescent years are filled with social anxiety and embarrassment. Don’t let your kids spend their time hiding at home because of their teeth or speech problems. While self-confidence is not technically a part of oral health, being confident can take you farther in life. You might also be surprised to learn that wearing braces can change facial symmetry. If misaligned teeth cause the upper or lower jaw to protrude or recede, it can affect the shape of the face. With a straighter smile and more aligned jaws, an improvement in the structure of the face typically follows suit.

Flexible Spending

Do you have a flexible spending account through your employer? If you do, you may want to check the balance. Flexible spending accounts often have a use it or lose it policy. This means that you will need to use all of the left-over funds before December 31st or the money you contributed will be lost. Braces might be the perfect option for you to use what is left of your flexible spending account for the year.

A Beautiful Smile For Every Christmas

The holiday season will be over before you know it. The month of January is the perfect time to begin orthodontic treatment because transitioning to wearing braces won’t spoil any of your planned holiday fun. When you gift someone braces, you are gifting them more than just a straighter smile. Numerous studies have shown that having a better-looking grin increases the amount you smile. In turn, this leads to various health benefits including lower stress and more confidence.

Call today to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Herman Orthodontics for Children & Adults for your loved one. After all, if a beautiful smile isn’t a great Christmas gift, we don’t know what is! Call or text (918) 492-4822.

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