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Dr. Herman Recommends Observation Appointments


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that parents schedule a first orthodontic appointment by the time their children are seven years old. You may think this is a bit young to begin seeing the orthodontist, but this early visit gives Dr. Herman the chance to evaluate their dental development. And if your child doesn’t need braces at this young age, follow-up visits can be very beneficial as they and their smiles grow.


Follow-Up Orthodontic Visits Before Braces

If your child is not ready for orthodontic braces, Dr. Herman typically recommends follow-up appointments every 12 months. Even before your child has lost all of his or her primary (baby) teeth, seeing Dr. Herman periodically can be advantageous. For example, the reason permanent teeth haven’t erupted may be due to an impacted tooth or a tooth that is erupting in the wrong position. Moreover, a child’s teeth and bite can change quickly, so Dr. Herman will update x-rays once every year if necessary.

Staying Ahead of Developing Dental Problems

One of the main goals behind regular visits to the orthodontist for young children is the ability to stay ahead of and treat developing dental problems. This way, we can catch any dental or jaw growth concerns before they require more complicated intervention. This may not only save your child treatment time, but also has the potential to save you money.

The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Evaluations

At your children’s initial evaluation when they are about seven years old, Dr. Herman will evaluate their jaw to determine if there are any growth discrepancies, such as a cross bite, overcrowding or teeth that protrude. He’ll then be able to tell you whether or not early treatment is recommended.

Early orthodontic treatment can often make treatment later shorter and simpler. Other advantages include:

  • Reduce the risk of impacted permanent teeth
  • Direct permanent teeth into the proper position
  • Guide the growth of a child’s jaw
  • Improve overall appearance
  • Eliminate problems with speech, chewing or breathing

Whether or not your child needs to wear braces early, the value of an initial consultation with Dr. Herman cannot be underestimated. Call/text our office to get your FREE consultation scheduled. (918) 492-4822

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