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Why You Need a Retainer After Braces

What Happens After Braces Come Off?

Whether there are braces on your teeth or not, teeth are always on the move. Braces just help guide the teeth into a more favorable direction. However, bone and gum tissues require time to adjust to a position. Therefore, if nothing is stopping them from moving, the teeth can easily shift back to their original crooked state.  Keep in mind this phenomenon is not exclusive to orthodontic aftercare. Shifting can occur when you are missing teeth as well. It is just another reason why replacing missing teeth is so important for the bite. Teeth are simply trying to compensate for the missing space in the mouth. Luckily, by wearing a retainer as directed by your orthodontist, you can keep your perfect smile and prevent the need for additional orthodontic care.

How a Retainer Will Keep My Smile Straight?

Wearing a retainer gives your bone and ligaments time to re-tighten and hold your teeth securely in place.  Patients’ teeth are incredibly susceptible to shifting back in the first months after removing braces, so it’s critical to keep wearing a retainer.  Retainers come in a few different forms, but they all perform the same function.  Once the braces are removed, we ask that you wear your retainer that entire day and night, only removing to brush and eat.  After the initial 24 hours have passed,  you will wear your retainer exclusively at night, indefinitely.

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