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Invisalign is a Convenient Teeth-Straightening Option!

We can use Invisalign to address a variety of orthodontic needs. Whether an individual’s teeth have just shifted slightly or there is a more complex dental issue that needs to be addressed, for many, this innovative method has become the teeth-straightening solution of choice.

Although there are numerous differences between traditional metal braces and Invisalign one of the differences that many of our patients enjoy is the need for fewer appointments throughout treatment.

The Convenience of Invisalign

Length of Treatment

When it comes to traditional braces, treatment can last from 18 months to 3 years. On average, orthodontic treatment using the Invisalign method lasts from 6 to 18 months.

Fewer Appointments Save You Time and Money

Whereas an individual with traditional braces visits his or her dentist on a monthly basis, those who choose Invisalign typically visit their Provider every 12 weeks (once their treatment is underway). During these appointments, the orthodontist examines the patient’s teeth. In addition, the patient receives several aligner replacement sets.

A Follow-Up Visit for Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign

During a follow-up visit for braces, an orthodontist or an orthodontist assistant may change the bands that are attached to the brackets and/or replace wires. Once the patient enters the treatment area, these appointments can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

At Dr. Herman Orthodontic Treatment for Children & Adults, we know how important your time is, which is why we do our best to adhere to each day’s appointment schedule. We strive to provide each of our patients with the high-quality care that he or she deserves in a quick and efficient manner. For this reason, a follow-up visit for a patient with Invisalign usually lasts 30 minutes or less.


Emergency Dental Visits Are More Common with Traditional Braces

The wires and brackets of traditional braces can loosen and lead to an unexpected dental visit; however, since Invisalign consists of a single plastic tray, there are no components to become loose or to break.

At Dr. Robert Herman Orthodontic Treatment for Children & Adults, We Focus on You

Dr. Herman’s patients enjoy:

  • State-of-the-art treatment facilities – one of our goals is to provide each of our patients with the most innovative treatments available so we can expedite and streamline his or her orthodontic experience.
  • 3D scanners with the ability to provide highly accurate impressions – technological advancements have eliminated the need to create messy impressions. Instead of making molds to create aligners, our treatment center has a 3D scanner.  Using X-rays, digital impressions and pictures, the scanner has the ability to produce highly accurate impressions of a patient’s soft tissue structure and teeth.  We use the 3D scan to create our patients’ custom-designed clear aligners.
  • Shorter appointment times – besides having fewer orthodontic, with no brackets or wires to contend with, patients spend much less time sitting in our dental chairs. During each patient’s appointment, Dr. Herman will examine the patient’s mouth to make sure that his or her teeth are adjusting as expected.

Whether you are a teenager, a busy professional or you are just looking for a way to feel more confident about your smile, contact us today.

Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with the comfort of our patients in mind. We offer complimentary consultations, incentive programs, interest-free payment plans and family discounts. At Dr. Robert Herman Orthodontic Treatment for Children & Adults, our goal is to keep dental care affordable for all of our patients.

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